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AWG-LLC is the parent company of three companies focused on providing assistance to manufacturers of building/construction materials who wish to establish new, long-term business partners in the Global marketplace. Our affiliate companies are Construction Materials International (CMI), Globalnex, Inc., and Kompas Line. Each company has a defined strategy to facilitate the international trade process:



CMI represents North American based manufacturers of building/construction materials who wish to export materials to the international markets.


Globalnex represents international manufacturers of building/construction materials who wish to sell their products in North America.


Kompas Line is a full service ocean freight carrier offering complete shipping and logistics support solution to export manufacturers and import distribution companies.

Established in 1995, CMI provides international sales management and representation for North American based construction materials manufacturers in the worldwide markets.
CMI sales professionals have significant years of experience in helping U.S. and Canadian manufacturers develop and implement growing plans for entering and growing international markets.

The company is prepared to handle all aspects of the U.S. exporting process including sales, marketing, packaging, logistics, shipping, financing, documentation, and export analysis and reporting.

CMI today is actually selling products in 48 countries around the world. Included among CMI’s manufacturing clients are such well-known international brands as The Dow Chemical Company, GAF Materials Corporation, International Specialty Products, W.R. Meadows, and Rock-Tenn Company.

Following CMI’s successful years helping U.S. based building material companies target the international markets, Globalnex was established in late 2001 with the primary goal of assisting manufacturers who desire to market, sell, and distribute their products within the United States, Canada, and Mexico. While it will also represent local North American companies, Globalnex is fully prepared to handle all aspects of the U.S. importing process for manufacturers based anywhere from Europe, the Middle East and Africa, to South America, Asia, and the Pacific Rim. Following a complete marketing assessment for our new manufacturing client, Globalnex will move quickly to establish new customer contacts for these international products in a carefully selected distribution channel that will offer the greatest potential for long-term growth within North America

Kompas Line is a full service ocean freight carrier offering high value integrated logistics and supply chain management services to any manufacturer or distributor wishing to import or export virtually any type of commodity cargo to key ports around the world.
Kompas Line is fully prepared to handle “one –stop shipping” for FCL (full container load) cargo along with coordinating all of the necessary insurance and documentation requirements necessary as part of the import/export process. Kompas Line also provides a full compliment of consolidation services to insure minimal costs as it relates to cargo re-handling once the material has arrived at port.

Initially established by CMI owners in 1999 to assist in the facilitation of exporting building/construction materials from the United States, Kompas Line has grown to be a full service carrier offering a multitude of ocean freight services to a wide variety of clients from different industries.

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